Directions for the Card Game Éscarté

Directions for the Card Game Éscarté

Éscarté is a popular fast-paced card game originated from the 19th century in Paris. The game is for two players with a 32-card deck made by shortening the pack to 7 and Up. Cards rank K – Q – J – A – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7.

Furthermore, this game has different designations for the players. The dealer is called the younger hand, and the opponent is called elder hand.

How to Play:

1. Each player gets to receive five cards in 32 or 23 batches at a time. The 11th card is showed to make the trump suit.

2. The game begins once the dealer places a card. If it is a King, he is awarded one point.

3. Now, the elder would examine his hand and decide whether to make discards, draw replacements from the stock, or perhaps exchange cards. He may say ”I propose.” On the other hand, if he wants to play, he will say, ”I stand.”

4. The dealer may accept and say ”How many?”. But, the dealer could also refuse and say ”I refuse.”

5. If the younger hand wants to exchange his cards, the elder hand has the option of proposing or playing.

6. The game continues until the elder elects to play rather than propose, the younger refuses, or all the cards in the deck is used up.

7. A game is a race to five points taken from the five tricks. Whoever played the higher trump every turn, wins the trick.

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